Hand Shaped Door Knob Gets a Handle of Guests

by interior designer

in Decorative Art,Windows & Doors

If you’ve ever felt like getting in touch with your surroundings, then this “hand door knob” is for you. Made of polished solid aluminium, the handle won’t be letting you pass through the door without a helping hand.

Named “Hand-Le”, the interesting human hand door knob was created by the Dutch product designer Naomi Thellier de Poncheville for the London Design Festival.

hand-le-door-knob-surrealAs visitors to the festival exclaimed upon seeing the “Hand-Le”: “We thought the Dutch to be very friendly people but this is taking the welcoming handshake a little too far”.


The hand door knob needs a good shake or twist when moving from room to room, so it’s probably not suitable for a granny flat. Would you like a door handle like this?

See: Coroflot.com

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Bec 04.03.10 at 12:26

I WANT ONE! Where can I find one?

Shelly Justice 08.02.10 at 19:04


I have been trying to find out how to buy the Hand-Le- door handle in the shape of a hand. Can anyone assist?

Don Voerg 02.15.11 at 02:24

Can you tell me where I might buy one of these.

interior designer 02.15.11 at 07:28

I’m afraid I don’t no. I had a look but it doesn’t seem to be available at the moment.

tom 02.28.11 at 03:05

Please let me know where I can purchase the hand door handle. Tom

CD Taylor 11.20.11 at 05:13

I want to purchase one of these door knobs…..PLEASE, where can I find one?

Brenda hollis 02.07.12 at 05:14

Please i want one!! Anyonemknow where i can find one?

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