Decorative Lampshades by Dutchman Tord Boontje

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Whilst browsing the web over the Easter break I came across the website of Tord Boontje, a Dutch designer and graduate from the Royal College of Art in London. His website shows a wide variety of various furniture pieces including chairs and tables but what especially caught my eye were the beautiful decorative lampshades.

The Garland Light collection consists of a long metal garland of flowers that is wrapped around a light bulb. The exact material of this flower lighting I can’t work out but the effect from the image is delightful.

garland-lightThe Midsummer Lights collection is a series of paper lamp shades. Each is made from one large single piece of paper thereby ignoring the usual practice of glueing bits together. It’s hard to believe this is the case when studying the intricate details.

midsummer-light-lamp-shadeThe Shadow Light is a magical carousel of colour, light and dreamlike imagery. This wonderful piece seems a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom. As the light shines and the lampshade gently turns, the images on the printed acetate reflect onto the surface of the surrounding walls.

If you want to purchase one of these lampshades then visit: Midsummer Light by Artecnica

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Creative Coquette 04.13.09 at 20:26

Those are gorgeous!

Fifi Flowers 04.15.09 at 06:25

Interesting lighting!
Thank you for stopping by my site!

Susan Becker - Fredericks 09.10.10 at 17:17

I love The Midsummer Lights collection. Where could I purchase something from that collection?

interior designer 09.11.10 at 17:19

You should be able to find lamps from this collection at

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