Black and White Bedroom Decor Inspiration

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We usually associate bedroom walls and furnishings as being painted in light colors such as white, pale blue or cream. However black and darker tones can add a certain style enhancement to some themes and designs. With the addition of accessories which complement and match the dark colors, a bedroom can ooze with self-confidence and flare. The three images below may give you some inspiration if you are considering changing the decor of your sleeping room or any other.

cool_black_bedroom_wallsHalf the room in this picture has been darkened which creates a nice contrast especially with the added furnishings and decorative art.

cool_black_white_bedroom_wallsThe black and white nature of the decor above is highlighted further with the colorless pictures on the wall. However, the room is not devoid of color which could have been a problem. Flowers and decorative fabric patterns inject some vibrancy into the interior.

cool_black_bedroom_themesThis luxurious four-poster bed is composed of black curtains and dark wooden posts. The white of the bed linen and upper walls fights its way into the decor. Notice the mirrors either side of the bed which will create extra light both during the daytime and from the reflection of the lights at night.

All pictures are from and belong to Tracy Murdock Interior Design company. I recommend browsing through their interesting website.

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the best picture in my humble opinion is the last one as it is the most regular shape of all bedrooms, and as we know the black and white colors are the best colors for the clear and sharp personality so i see that the most appropriate shape with these sharp colors are the regular sharp borders

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