Alessi Tea Kettle with Bird Shaped Whistle

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Everyone knows a kettle whistles. Or do they? Most actually don’t. This is a shame for many Englishmen like me who love to whistle with joy when waiting in anticipation for that first cup of tea in the morning. Why whistle alone when you can have a kettle accompany you?

I’m sure this is what the American architect and designer Michael Graves had in mind when he designed the Alessi Kettle with Bird Whistle. The stainless steel water kettle has been one of the top selling units for the Italian design factory since it was first produced back in 1985.

alessi-bird-whistle-michael-graves-kettleThe bird whistling kettle, also known as the Alessi 9093, was designed to boil water faster than any other stove top kettle on the market. The wide polyamide base and narrow tip led to its added efficiency.

Michael Graves is a prolific designer having designed over 500 household items, including a top selling tea pot, which the 9093 is often mistaken for. Quality never diminishes as is the case with this singing kettle. If, like me, you wish to celebrate the boiling of water in preparation for that much needed cup of tea or coffee, then this is just the answer.

See: Kettle with Bird Whistle by Alessi

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Mitch 04.20.09 at 18:59

We got taught about Alessi in school. I found it really intestering. I like the watches they do.

interior designer 04.20.09 at 20:50

They make some lovely watches indeed.

Jack 07.05.09 at 13:47

Have to agree, the watches Alessi do are really nice

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