Recycled Cardboard ‘Scrap Lamps’ Provide Green Alternative

by interior designer

in Eco-Friendly,Lighting

Environmentally friendly lamps are picking up in popularity these days and the cardboard lamps by Greypants are no exception. Made from recycled cardboard boxes and each uniquely hand made, the ‘Scrap Lights’ provide an interesting solution for green-minded buyers.

The lamps vary in size and shape, some being a regular disc-shape, others being irregular. Due to the nature of the material, the corrugations in the cardboard provide gaps that leak out the bulb-light onto surrounding walls and furniture. This lends their use to certain possible themes in the home interior including tropical or plantation styled designs. However, they can pretty much go into any surrounding with careful inclusion.

What do you think of the ‘Scrap Lights’? Where in your home would you put these lamps?

See: Greypants.

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Material – Cardboard
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shailee 03.29.09 at 12:43

woot!!!!! I am gonna make something like this! :)

aska 04.19.10 at 09:55

It is very nice but look this lamp from old book:, very interesting:….

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