Metal Tree Bed Brings Nature into the Bedroom

by interior designer

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Sleeping outdoors under the stars or beneath a canopy of leaves has its attractions. In hot climates there is nothing to beat it as long as you have the mosquito nets and spray repellents. However, for most of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the nights are usually cold, wet and decidedly overcast.

American designer Shawn Lovell has found a way to avoid the uncomfortable aspects of the outdoors whilst still enjoying the romantic idea of sleeping in the heavenly shrouds of nature. ‘The Tree Bed’ is her answer.

Each of the four corners of the bed is comprised of a tall metal tree sculpture which curves delicately upwards and blossoms out above the mattress. Each of the beautiful leaves and tendrils is uniquely hand-forged. The cost of this monumental effort and extreme creativity? A mere $15,000 price tag for the lucky couple who decide to purchase it.

Shawn Lovell specialises in making one-of-kind and commissioned work which can be used in the commercial and residential sector. Her work involves the use of  both traditional and modern forging techniques.

shawn-lovell_1The artist at work on the ‘Tree Bed’

at-the-anvilShawn Lovell at the anvil

See: Shawn Lovell Metalworks

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Dana 03.27.09 at 09:59

Shawn Lovell has done a stunning job with this tree bed. Seems like its out from one of the Dreamworks movies. Simply mind blowing.

Maggie 11.18.09 at 02:47

That is the most beautiful bed that I have ever seen. I am dumbfounded! Amazingly creative, exquisitely elegant and profusely effective and useful. Where function meets fashion!

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