Children’s Interactive Color Block Clock Rocks!

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The more colourful the item, the more a child will like it. This has proven to be the case with the cubist wall clock shown in the picture below. It is comprised of thirteen blocks, twelve of which are an assortment of various colours including yellow, pink, aqua, red, orange, green, light blue, royal blue, white and black. A silver block connects the clock hands and is where the timing piece is located. The best thing about it is that the child can assemble the blocks in any format he or she likes.

Simple adhesives lead to easy application to most types of wall surface leaving it an ideal room accessory for those seeking to spruce up an overly white room or bring excitement to a child’s bedroom. “The blocks clock rocks!” as one reviewer aptly put it. A simple idea which brings out the creative spark in both children and adults.

free-forms-blocks-wall-clockSee: The Blocks Clock.

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