3-D Bathroom Tiles Just Asking to be Touched

by interior designer

in Bathroom

Bathroom tiles serve their primary function well. They are easy to clean and are not spoilt by wet feet and bathroom mishaps. They come in an array of designs and colours, but all are flat, smooth and on their own, rather dull. Until you come across the Found Space Tiles created by the Berlin based duo Stephanie Davidson and Georg Rafailidis.

These earthenware ceramic tiles push the boundries of the accepted norm with their 3-dimensional forms. As the designers intended, the tiles echo the forms of the human body and innocently (or perhaps provocatively) reach out to be touched.

The shapes come in clusters of four tiles and are made to fit in with the standard tiles already in place. They measure 15 x 15cm. I myself used to live in Berlin but my bathroom was very small. Stubbed toes and shrieks of pain would have been the order of the day but if you have a large bathroom or areas not accessible to human feet, then I can definitely see the attraction.


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zelda 03.24.09 at 14:54

I love your blog , just discover it …. that tiles is pretty cosy as long as you keep your toes of the floor .

interior designer 03.24.09 at 16:38

Yes, the key is too keep feet well clear although I can see its possible uses as a foot massager.

Allen 03.24.09 at 21:16

OK…those tiles are just too cool! More appropriate perhaps to use on walls versus floors.

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