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Little girls love pink and it’s rare to find one who doesn’t. Recent scientific findings point to the love of pink in females being a genetic factor rather than an environmental one. Girls and boys in Europe and China were tested and similar results were found in both regions of the world. If you’re decorating a bedroom for a girl, regardless of age, it is therefore a safe bet to base the general color scheme in the pink and lilac range.

So what pink accessories would look great in your daughter’s room and would contribute to the general color scheme?

1. Bedding often becomes the main feature to a room and offers great decorative potential. You’ll already be familiar with the interests of your daughter and so try to match the subject matter of her favourite TV program or story with pink colored bedding sets.

2. Curtains to a child can seem like doorways to another kingdom. They are also highly functional in keeping early morning daylight out. Curtains come in a myriad of designs and plenty can be found in various shades of pink. Many are also themed.

3. Floor rugs are relatively cheap ways of adding color to an otherwise mundane carpet or wooden floor. Placement of a pink rug beside the bed or under a table will inject some often much needed color to a kid’s bedroom interior.

4. Table lamps are usually the last item a little girl sees before the lights are turned off for the night. It’s therefore important to make sure they are attractive and friendly in their design. There are pink lamp designs in themes such as ballerina slippers, teddy bears, unicorns, flowers and smiling cartoon characters.

5. Cuddly toys are much loved by little girls and help them to feel safe during the night. Famous pink characters from cartoons and fairy tales include Snagglepuss, Cheer Bear (of Care Bear fame) and Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh), plus many more.

6. Picture frames can be purchased in many different sizes, shapes and formats. For a little girl’s room, a pink fluffy frame or one with pink butterfly patterns will be ideal. These will look lovely around a photograph of the family or her recently completed painting she completed at school.

7. Pink furniture is very easy to find. If you’re handy with a paintbrush and a tin of paint, you can also re-purpose an old bedside table or cabinet and paint that before placing it in your daughter’s room.

8. Wall decals are easy to attach stickers that are placed on the wall to add decorative style to an interior. These can be found in thousands of different themes, sizes and designs. Some great pink wall decals for girls include pink fawns (baby deer), birds, flowers, shapes, hearts and lettering.

9. A special keepsake box can last a little girl a lifetime and will be a place to store the important items she cherishes the most. Consider investing in a quality pink box or one that is decorated with pink motifs. This will add another important focal point to her room.

10. Computers are now a daily part of many young children’s lives. Wise parents use them as a wonderful learning tool for their kids. Computers can be found in pink, especially for girls, and these will make a wonderful addition to her work area, which is usually found in her bedroom.

Finding pink accessories for a girl’s room is not too difficult and with a little consideration and time, you’ll be able to find some delightful items which will enhance the décor of her bedroom. Just remember to not go overboard with the pink theme and leave some contrast. This is best done by leaving a lot of white in the room to counteract the pink additions.

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