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Maintaining a home so it doesn’t fall into costly ruin might seem a relatively easy task. Well, it is, that is if you keep up the repairs and know what and when to fix certain elements and structures within and outside the property. For many people, knowing where to start when it comes to fixing, repairing and maintaining a home, can seem a confusing and off-putting experience. In many cases, the important jobs are left for another day, week, month … or when the leak finally destroys the hallway ceiling.

Home Maintenance For Dummies’ kindle ebook is a fantastic step-by-step guide on how to maintain your home to a high standard without forking out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars unnecessarily. The authors, James and Morris Carey, provide tips and advice on safe and efficient repairs you can make to an attic, basement, living room, bathroom and every other interior in the average family home.

Also within this ebook, which can be downloaded instantly onto a kindle, are tips on avoiding expensive repair costs by making sure everything is in good working order before any accidents or breakages occur. The roof and exterior of the home is also included in the vast array of useful information within the book as are ways to look after electrical appliances and home systems so they last longer and run smoothly. Seasonal change scheduling and ways to reduce costs by going greener and introducing environmentally friendly options are also included.

Whether you are worried about the leak in the roof getting bigger or the old furnace causing problems, this home maintenance guide will see you in good stead as well as save you a fortune in bills.

If you have a Kindle device, you can purchase this ebook from here: Home Maintenance For Dummies Kindle eBook.

Published just a couple of months ago and already has 24 positive customer reviews and growing every day.

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